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    Server Information

    Server Information

    Sarah Server NFT - Grand Server Launch

    Vy Low

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    These are some of the changes that will be made during our Grand Server Launch. There will also be some updates in the game, which we will announce via our changelogs.
    Our Grand Server Launch Will be on September 3, 2022.

    • All Character will be reset to 1.
    • Free for the first character and then 400 Ymir to Succeeding Characters. All character will spawn on their last respawn point.
    • Only VIP will be able to access Hunting Mission and MVP Hunting Mission.
    • Cash prize for Events like Emp Breaker Event. - More details will be posted soon
    • LP Program. - More details will be posted soon
    • There will be no server wipe. Only characters will reset to level 1.
    • PK will be disabled, MVP map will be PVP On when Boss Monster are alive(Temporary Disabled until our community is build)
    • Experience scrolls, Insurance Box will now be available in our cash shop as well as the 7 and 14 days VIP.
    • 20% of the Allocated VIP will go to our cash prize for the next month Event. 
    • MVP Relics will be implemented.
    • Auto Attack will be implemented for VIP Only.
    • New Account will get free 7 Days VIP.
    • Server Rates will be set to 10x for the first month and will be reduce by 2 on the succeeding month until we are set back to 1x.
    • Streamer Program. - More details will be posted soon
    • Requires Zeny to Unlock Hunting Mission NPC and other NPCs. - More details will be on our changelogs
    • Increase Critical rate from 100% to 140%.
    • The following updates will be provided in our changelogs for game updates.

    AMA Session With Streamers Before Our Grand Server Launch

    User can only claim their daily Roks in Daily Mission if they win at least 30x times in BG(will only be implemented once BG is Released)
    Still requires 3 characters to access the hunting mission NPC
    all RoKs will go to unclaimable RoKs.

    Road Map for our P2E System

    • Hunting Mission and Optional Earnings will be implemented on September 27, 2022
    • MVP Hunting Mission will be implemented on October 11, 2022
    • Battle Grounds will Be implemented on October 22, 2022

    Hunting Mission Board VIP Only

    • At least level 51 to Participate
    • 300 max daily
    • Requires Zeny
    • use our current mechanics

    MVP Hunting Board VIP Only 

    • At least level 85 to Participate
    • 200 roks max daily
    • Requires Zeny
    • another npc but same mechanics as hunting mission but only mvps
    • BG will be the appropriate pvp ground.

    Battlegrounds - Free For All

    • At least level 85 to Participate
    • 500 RoKs 
    • Requires Zeny
    • Per account can only play 10x a day
    • Any BG mode, pick the easiest mode to get implement first then the other modes save for next time
    • Test Phase: No roks reward
    • Phase 1: Roks rewarded to winners only (Gear up, gitgud if you want to win roks)
    • Phase 2: MMR/Rank system, Kill/death penalty System
    • Phase 3: Winner will receive 50 Roks  / Loosing Team will Receive 0 RoKs 

    OPTIONAL Earnings

    Daily Zeny Trader - Free For All

    • At least level 85 to Participate
    • Requires 1m Zeny
    • 300 RoKs VIP Non-VIP 100 RoKs

    Daily Bradium Fragments Trader - Free For All

    • At least level 85 to Participate
    • Requires 20 Bradium Fragments
    • 200 RoKs VIP Non-VIP 100 RoKs
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