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    Function of the Referral System

    - Access Referral NPC at Payon Town

    Refer a friend (Tab 1)
    - Your Referral Code will be shown.
    ex. Referral Code: pubgpV3ii

    Enter referral code (Tab 2)
    - Enter the referral code that was given to you.

    Rewards for Referrals (Code owner)
    20 YMIR and 1 YMIR OCA

    Rewards for Referrals (Code receiver)
    - 7-days VIP membership

    - You can only refer new accounts, regardless if its manager or scholar account.
    - You can send your referral code to multiple accounts.
    - The referral code can only be claimed once per account.
    - Referred accounts must have three characters. (Novice class are not allowed)
    - Referred accounts have only 7 days to enter the referral code at NPC.
    - Referred accounts must claim their rewards in order for the code owner to receive theirs as well.

    - Rewards can only be claimed once you already have 3 characters with first jobs.
    - Code owners can only claim their rewards once the code receiver already claimed their rewards.


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