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    Server Information

    Changelogs 6-12-2022

    Vy Low

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    • Temporary Revert Healing Rewards weight to 5 from 15.
    • Scholars can now buy oca from Myra NPC Shop. We will run this for a month and will have a poll to retain or set to only manager.
    • Item receive from YMIR OBB will now be unidentified.


    Daily Mission Updates - Updated RoKs Reward and will be Implemented on June 25, 2022 

    • 20 Roks - Mission Level 21-30
    • 30 RoKs - Mission Level 31-40
    • 40 RoKs - Mission Level 41-50
    • 50 RoKs - Mission Level 51-60


    Upcoming Updates

    • referral system in game - In Progress
    • card staking - Requires 10 CArds to stake and earn Ymir Coin daily. Will only be able to unstake after 60 days. Approximately 8% APR Reward. Completed and to be implemented soon
    • follow up update roks reward on daily mission - We need to balance the rewards wherein accounts should at least pay 50k zeny for Level 60 and below Mission with 500 RoKs quota.  - In progress
    • Web Base World Map - In progress
    • Disable selling of Equipment's and Costume items.  - In progress
    • Add Delay on Butterfly wing and Fly wing on pk maps when assaulting or being attacked by another player.  - In progress
    • World Boss.
    • More to come.
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