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    World Boss Mechanics Survey


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    World boss
    - Entry Fee of X zeny or X roks
    - Level 75 required
    - 1 hour timer (if time elapse and the BOSS is still alive, every points acquired will be reverted to 0)
    - World Boss guards LVL 80+ mobs for distraction purposes

    Damage Ranking System
    - Minimum of 50,000 Damage (Individual)
    - 50,000 Damage will be 5 points (Individual)

    Party information
    - Minimum of 1
    - Maximum of 20
    - Points will be divided to party members
    - Party required even solo(you can't enter without party)
    - Dont Leave the Party(automatically kicks you out once you leave your party)

    Skill Disable

    - Ice Wall

    (thing to learn)

    How much for entry fee?
    Supplies Cost?
    Boss Skills and Elements?
    Instance or Field spawn?
    How to make it Worth Joining?
    Reward Points/Reward Exchange?
    World Boss Spawn Date Weekly/Monthly for supplies preparation?
    World Boss Stats?
    World Boss HP?
    NPC exit reward received?

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    Much better if zeny lang. 10kzeny is enough na siguro. 10k "EVERY" entry.

    Drop loots sa boss. 

    Shards is good also. Para may thrill naman mag ipon... (BLUEPRINT PLS)

    Weekly WORLD BOSS.. wag monthly matagal masyado... 

    Kayo na bahala mag balance ng rewards.. 

    Edited by STAYCEY
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