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    2. Ragnarok Sarah Server - Ymir : Retro Classic ♦ Server Settings Episode 3 - Comodo Server Mode: Retro Classic Jobs: 2-1 Class Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 50 Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 Max Party Capacity: 20/20 Party Share Gap: 15 Levels Max Guild Capacity: 56/56 Death Penalty: 5% Max Zeny: 2,100,000,000z Job Changer PK Map - Only for 90+ and above ♦ Server Rates Base: 1x Job: 1x Item Drop: 1x Normal Cards: 1x MVP Drop: 1x ♦ Server Features Daily,Weekly and Monthly Quest ( 1 account / 1 Device ) Restock System (FREE PvP Supplies) Costume Blue Print System Guild Hall System Daily Hunting Mission Gepard 3.0 No Bots No Dual Clients Main Server: Los Angeles ---Proxy Servers to Cater players around the world Automated Events Enable Effect of LP even when /effect off No Warper No Healer PK/Disable Teleport on MVP Maps when MVP is alive Modified MVP stats and HP No Exp when idle Progressive Episodes 24/7 Active GM's Note* Server Features are subjected to change
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