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    1. Changelogs On a daily mission, show the monster list first before paying zeny and accepting the quest. Added Reward Shop for Hourly Reward Points. Updated OCA Shop - Incremental price on 4th buy and so on. No limit. Reset every 15th day of the month or weekly. card recycler - 3 cards + 10 YMIR = 1 OCA Upcoming Updates referral system in game card staking - Requires 10 CArds to stake and earn Ymir Coin daily. Will only be able to unstake after 60 days. follow up update roks reward on daily mission - We need to balance the rewards wherein accounts should at least pay 50k zeny for Level 60 and below Mission with 500 RoKs quota. Web Base World Map Disable selling of Equipment's and Costume items Add Delay on Butterfly wing and Fly wing on pk maps when assaulting or being attacked by another player. Ymir OBB will receive unidentified items. More to come.
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