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    We will be giving away rewards for reporting bugs on our website and in-game.

    Rewards for bug bounty:

    Minor bug - 1 OBT supply box
    Major bug - 3 OBT supply box
    Critical bug - 14 days VIP

    1 OBT supply box contains:
    - 250 healing potions
    - 75 grape juice
    - 75 fly wing
    - 15 Free ticket for Warp Service
    - 15 Free ticket for Kafra Storage

    Minor bug - typographical errors in item descriptions
    Major bug - Equipment and Cards drops from monsters, Items that should not appear in our current episode (EP. 3), NPCs producing equipment and cards
    Critical - smart contract, duplication of items, YMIR coin bug, website bugs

    Submit your report at #bug-reports in our official discord. https://discord.gg/S7SHBxfQpS
    Post a screenshot and add a small description.
    We will put a "check" emoji on your report once verified, "X" emoji if its already reported or not considered as bug.

    Maximum of 5 report rewards per person. Succeeding reports after your 5th report will not be rewarded.

    Top 3 players with highest report count will get an additional - 1 pc. All in One Ring [0] (7 days)

    Event will end at the end of our CBT.

    Your reports will be highly appreciated. Thank you everyone! <3

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