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    Ragnarok Sarah Server is an MMORPG that follows the Ragnarok Online lore. Currently set in Episode 3: Comodo, players may explore Rune Midgard by manually travelling between maps or through the Kafra teleportation services. Players can level up their characters by killing monsters.



    ♦️ Server Settings
        • Episode 3 - Comodo
        • Server Mode:  Retro Classic
        • Max Base Level: 99
        • Max Job Level: 50
        • Max Stats: 99
        • Max ASPD: 190
        • Max Party Capacity: 20/20
        • Party Share Gap: 10 Levels
        • Max Guild Capacity: 56/56
        • Death Penalty: 1%
        • Max Zeny: 2,100,000,000z
        • MVP Cards Enabled ( through Ymir auction )
        • Godly Items Enabled ( through Ymir auction )

    ♦️ Server Rates
        • Base: 1x
        • Job: 1x
        • Drops: 1x

    ♦️ Server Features
        • Main Server: Los Angeles 
        • Job Changer
        • Hourly Rewards
        • No Dual Clients
        • Strictly 1 account per device within 24 hours
        • Guild Hall System
        • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quest ( 1 account / 1 Device )
        • PK on MVP Maps when MVP is alive
        • Costume Blue Print System
        • Modified MVP stats and HP
        • Progressive Episodes
        • Effect Settings Enabled
        • No reset stats/skills
        • No card remover

    ♦️ Skill Modification
        • Trick Dead - Disable EXP when active
        • Greed Skill - Disabled
        • Mammonite - Zeny cost reduced. Skill Lvl 6-10 cost modified from 600z-1000z to 500z.
        • Snap - Requires 1 sphere regardless of fury state.


    RSS’s level up system is based on the default Ragnarok Online setup, with additional tweaks to integrate tokenization.  

        • 75 $YMIR is required per character to enter Midgard in order to start leveling, which can be personalized by the players (name, sex, hair color, hair style). 
        • 3 Characters required to qualify on the Play-and-Earn Features and the character must have changed to 1st Job.
        • Job Changer NPC is provided.
        • Free basic equipment will be given every job change.
        • All $YMIR used in character creation will be burned.

    Every month the requirement will increase by 5 $YMIR until we reach 100 $YMIR. The 75 $YMIR is just an introductory rate for early Investors.




    Slotted Equipments and Cards will only be purchasable through Ymir Shop. Monsters will only drop the NPC Variety (Non-slotted) of the equipments and only monsters whose card is considered trash will drop its card. Miscellaneous items will still be dropped but some items' price in zeny will be nerfed. 

    All $YMIR used to purchase items in the Ymir Shop will be burned. This is a Major Burning Mechanism and plays an important role in both $YMIR and in-game economy. 

        • Ymir Shop will use $YMIR as currency, not zeny.
        • Shop will display 5 random Slotted Equipments and Old Card Album (OCA)
        • VIP Players will have 7 items in the shop and OCA.
        • Reset every Monday 00:00 AM Server Time.
        • Quantity of each random equipment in the shop is limited to 1x every week.
        • Items displayed will be different and random in every player.
        • NPC-Variety may also randomly show up but will have lower price.
        • Valuable Cards are only obtainable through OCA, limited to 3x each every week.
        • 3 trash cards can be converted to 1x OCA through an NPC.
        • Cards can also be staked for passive income.
        • Every OCA opened and what card is obtained will be announced in-game.

    Boss Cards / Mini Boss cards are enabled but only obtainable through Quarterly Auction once the War of Emperium event started. God Items will also be implemented through auction in the future.



    1 RoKs = 1 PHP. Considered as stablecoin, RoKs are earned by doing daily quests and an account must have atleast 3 characters in order to participate in these quests. Weekly and Monthly Quests will be added soon. RoKs will be initially locked for 15 days and upon claiming will have a new 15 days cooldown after the last claim.
    RoKs Daily Reward Limit:
            Non-VIP Accounts:
                Level 10-50 = 200 RoKs 
                Level 50-90 = 500 RoKs
                Level 91-95 = 800 RoKs
                Level 96-98 = 900 RoKs
                Level 99 = 1000 RoKs
            VIP Accounts:
                Level 10-50 = 200 RoKs 
                Level 50-90 = 500 RoKs
                Level 91-95 = 1000 RoKs
                Level 96-98 = 1300 RoKs
                Level 99 = 1500 RoKs

        Weekly and Monthly Quest:
            • TBA

    RoKs to $YMIR Conversion: 

    • RoKs to $YMIR conversion will base on the current $YMIR price. This is to protect investors from losses due to fluctuations in the market. 
    • To illustrate, take, for example, the current market price for 1 $YMIR is 1 PHP. A scholar earns 1,500 RoKs, which can be converted to 1,500 $YMIR. If $YMIR goes up to 2 PHP the following day, the 1,500 RoKs earned for that day is equivalent to 750 $YMIR. 
    The team behind RSSY believes that this approach offers more security, protection, and a guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for all investors. Fluctuations on $YMIR price on the market will not have a direct effect on the number of RoKs earnings.


    Player Kill System is implemented in order to give a drive to all players to party with other players and gear-up and prepare to future competitive events. This also add some challenges in completing special quests.

        • Level 90+ PK Enabled all maps except towns.
        • MVP Maps PK Enabled any level. Fly wing disabled when MVP is alive.
        • Equipment Break (Repair needed) upon death in future updates.

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