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    VIP will play an important role to one of our token burning mechanism as well give players some additional perks in game.

    VIP Perks

    • Additional 10% Base EXP.
    • Additional 10% Job EXP.
    • Will have 7 items shown in Ymirshop instead of 5.
    • Higher Daily Mission Rewards.
    • No kill count reset on Daily Mission.
    • 1% Death penalty instead of 5%.
    • 40% Less Monster Count on Hunting Mission.

    How to buy VIP scrolls?

    • Starting price for VIP will be 1000 Cash Points
    • Additional 50 CP will be added every 10 VIP scrolls that are bought in the npc. Meaning if a player bought the 11th VIP on the npc, price will be 1050 Cashpoints and so on.
    • Every 10 VIP that expires on the accounts will decrease the current price by 50 CP until total VIP in the server  is less than 10, price will revert to 1000 Cashpoints.
    • Current Max price of VIP will be 5000 Cash Points


    Note: More Features will be added in the future that will be discussed on our community.

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