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    Server Information

    Ragnarok Sarah Server - CBT

    Vy Low

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    Greetings Everyone! 
    Our Close Beta Test will start on March 4 and will end on March 25 2022. The CBT will help us ensure that everything is working as intended when we officially Launch our Server! 

    How to Register?

    • Register here https://beta.sarahserver.com and go to login > Connect Metamask Wallet.
    • Be sure you are on BSC Testnet Network! Check this Guide on on how to add BSC Testnet Network << Click Here >>
    • Import Ymir Coin 0x1b4383e7ec47c44fec9d1ae976c384a4af4aa590

    Who can join our CBT?

    • User who participated on our Token Sale, Liquidity Sale and Airdrops.
    • Streamers - Kindly email me @ [email protected] or pm me in discord if you are a streamers and who wants to join our CBT

    Kindly Comment your wallet address here to join our CBT << Here >>


    CBT Players will be receiving the follow items for participation with the following Condition. Must Reach at least level 90 and completed at least 200 Missions. We will create a new thread where we will require you to post a screen shot of your character.

    • 1x GYM Pass box - Can only be obtain by being a Liquidity Provider  Or Exclusive Events
    • 1x Frejya's_Shawl (14 Days vip) - Can only be obtain through Events
    • 1x Costume Poring Bubble Pipe - Exclusive only to CBT Players
    • 1x Angeling Hat [0] - Reduce damage taken from DemiHuman monster by 10%. Exclusive only to CBT players
    • 1000x Healing Potion
    • 100x White Potions
    • 200x Grape Juice
    • 200 Fly Wing
    • 100 Free Ticket for Warp Service
    • 100 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage


    Download Here: 

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