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    Server Information

    Server Information

    Server Rules and Regulations

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    We encourage all our players to report rule breaking. However, we ask that you try to solve the issue among yourselves before reporting it to the GM team. These rules are subject to change and will be updated as seen fit by the GM team.

    The following are the core server rules. Failure to comply to any other rules will result to appropriate punishment, which may or may not include a permanent ban.


    ☌ Do not automate gameplay.

         This includes and is not limited to using third-party tools. Any use of auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-pots, auto-farming scripts and anything similar is strictly prohibited.

    ☌ Do not impersonate GMs.
    This includes inappropriate use of homunculus and pet names.

    ☌ Do not make statements for a GM.
    You must never misinform players by pretending a GM said something.

    ☌ Do not advertise other servers.
    Talking about official/private servers is allowed, but actively promoting them is not.

    ☌ Do not exploit bugs.
    Report them immediately to any GM through the forum, directly in game or via RSSY Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ebcvJCFMum. Do not assist or tolerate rule breaking activities. Anybody caught not reporting a known rule-breaker will receive the same punishment as the offending player.

    ☌ Do not spread baseless accusations against Game Masters.
    If you suspect that a GM is using his or her power beyond their designated purposes, please file a complaint with supporting evidences and send it to [email protected].


    ✦ You are encouraged to report players who scam you in the player-report channel on our discord server.

    ✦ Account sharing is discouraged, and you are fully responsible for the actions of whoever is playing on your account or device.

    ✦ Lend items or zeny to other players at your own risk. GMs are not responsible for theft or loss of your valuables.

    ✦ Be respectful. This goes towards players, staff, the server, other people's opinions, etc. You can argue for yourself, but please stay respectful while doing so.

    ✦ Punishment and conflict resolution are to be kept private between the sanctioned player and the GM team.

    ✦ Punishments are subject to the staff's discretion. Any form of questioning after the staff has come to a resolution from either the sanctioned or a third party can result in a punishment.

    ✦ Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Please use common sense.

    ✦ Insulting, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing or any other offending comments can result in punishment. This applies to all chats, including shop names.

    ✦ Do not use inappropriate names for your character. The same applies for your pet name, homunculus name, party name, guild name/title and its emblem.

    ✦ Do not impersonate other players or in other ways attempt to assume their identity.

    ✦ Do not harass other players. Harassment is defined as unwanted attention including repeated messaging, stalking, blackmail, and related behavior.

    ✦ Do not trade or send friend requests on PvP and WoE maps. You can use @noask or /notrade to prevent being harassed like this.

    ✦ Do not converse about politics, religion or explicit sexual topics on any of the channels.

    ✦ Do not discuss or engage in a conversation about other private servers in public.

    ✦ RMT at your own risk. Keep it discrete, doing it on official channels of the server will result to a punishment.



    NOTE: Sanctions will be based depending on the violations committed.

    RSSY Admins and Staff have the right to implement such sanctions which they see it fit.


    1st Offense
        • Verbal Warning
        • 15 minutes mute

    2nd Offense
        • Documented Warning
        • 1-hour jail

    3rd Offense
        • 12 hours jail

    4th Offense
        • 24 Hours Jail
        • Final Documented Warning

    5th Offense
        • Permanent Jail


    Grave Offense
        • Account Ban/ IP Ban/ Hardware Ban

    3rd Party Programs - Botting

    • Account Ban


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