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    Server Information

    changelogs 9-10-22

    Vy Low

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    • All characters are now free.
    • All character will now be reset to level 1 Novice.
    • NPC are now move in mid Prontera. We also added a kafra and a save point.
    • Job change to Second Job now requires 200k Zeny.
    • OCA are now 200 Ymir Coin each and will increase by 20 Ymir Coin with each subsequent purchase.
    • OBB are now 150 Ymir Coin each and will increase by 10 Ymir Coin with each subsequent purchase.
    • EXP and JOB are now set to 10x.
    • Ymir Token Exchange now has a 20,000z Fee.
    • Increase Critical rate from 100% to 140%.
    • New Account will get free 7 Days VIP.
    • Disabled PvP On when MVP is Alive. No teleport will still be enabled when MvP is alive.
    • VIP Now will have additional 20% EXP Rate and 50% Drop Rate.
    • Updated Referral System. Referrer will now receive 1 OCA, 100 YMIR and 3Days Rental Greed Clip. Invited Players will get an additional 7 Days VIP.
    • Mission Access Scroll is now available in our Ymir Token Shop.
    • Added Mercenary Rental System. You can access them in archer Village.
    • Added 3D Rental Greed Clip and Level 10 Mercenary Scrolls in our Donation Shop.
    • Reward shop can now only be access when you are eligible on our Play to Earn System. You need to buy and consume the Mission Access Scroll.
    • Implemented Streamer Program

    Check out our upcoming updates here

    Auto Attack Feature

    • Currently Auto attack has no time limit as long as you are VIP. There will be an updated version of this.
    • Commands are @autoattack and @autoattack <skill id>

    Auto Attack Up Coming Updates

    • Daily VIP will have free 4 hours using the autoattack
    • They can extend the autoattack per hour with additional payment 30 Ymir Coin per hour.
    • They can only extend the number of remaining hours before 12 a.m.
    • If a player pays 200 Ymir Coin which is the @autoattack4 this means they can use autoattack3 and below.
    • @autoattack - attack all monsters - no payment
    • @autoattack2 <heal HP% item id>,<heal SP% item id > With payment 100 Ymir Coin
    • @autoattack3 <skill id>,<heal HP% item id >,<heal SP% item id > With payment 150 Ymir Coin
    • @autoattack4 <mob id>,<skill id>,<heal HP% item id >,<heal SP% item id > With payment 200 Ymir Coin
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