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    Server Information

    Changelogs 7-29-2022

    Vy Low

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    • Extend Mod EXP Until Monday August 1, 2022.
    • Implemented Market Place 
    • Disable Trading of Equipment's, Costume, Zeny and Cards.
    • Added Zeny Bag 1k, Zeny Bag 10k, Zeny Bag 100k and Zeny Bag 1M.
    • Remove Remittance NPC.
    • Added Zeny Trader to Zeny Bag.
    • Some Monster Now Drops Bradium Fragments - Just use @whodrops Bradium Fragments (Shard System) 
    • Added Bradium Exchanger.
    • Added Monthly Embla Box (Ymir Token Shop) - Will only be available for the month of August.
      All Rare Costume will have additional 500 Weight and Ultra Rare Will Have 700 Additional Weight Limit.
    • Set Emperium to 5x for our Emperium Breaking Event ( This is still a dry run )
    • We implemented back the Zeny Requirements when claiming RoKs. You need 200k to claim RoKs on Daily Mission NPC.
    • Increase Agi/Bless Scroll Box from 5 YMIR to 10 YMIR.
    • Removed Free equipments on Job Change NPC from OBB Equipment's Box
    • Added announcement to item with at least 0.1% drop chance.
    • Added Energy Orbs To these MVP Monsters, Orc Lord, Orc Hero, Pharaoh, Drake, GTB, Stormy Knights and Dark Lords. These Energy Orbs will be use as requirements to our MVP Relics and other Quests.


    Upcoming Updates

    • MVP Relics - Moved this Sunday ( We just need to finalize all the costume upgrades up to Tier 3 if possible )
    • Auto Attack with limited time of 4 hours and additional 3 Ymir every hour - In Progress
    • Web Base World Map - In progress
    • Set Daily Mission to 5 Days
    • Additional Random Stats to +7 Equipment's and Costume
    • World Boss.
    • More to come.



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