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    Server Information

    Server Information

    Changelogs 7-25-2022

    Vy Low

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    • Added Blessing/Agi Scroll Box and Insurance Package on Ymir Token Shop.
    • No limit on OBB Box, this will be incremental by 5 every purchase similar to OCA.
    • OBB Trader where you can trade 5 equipments to Ymir OBB Box (Free items are excluded)
    • Increase OCA price from 30 YMIR to 50 YMIR.
    • Increase YMIR OBB Box from 15 YMIR to 30 YMIR.
    • Update No TP when attack from 15 Seconds to 3 Seconds.
    • Emperium Breaker Event - Mechanics will be updated here https://sarahserver.com/community/topic/137-emperium-breaker-event/
    • Ymir Token is now Tradeable.
    • For Hunting Mission Level 61 and Above, you must be at least Base Level 91.
    • MOD 3x EXP until July 31, 2022.


    Upcoming Updates

    • Market Place - Will be implemented this Friday (Dry Run)
    • Disable Trading of Equipment's, Costume, Zeny and Cards - Will be implemented this Friday (Dry Run)
    • MVP Relics - Will be implemented this Friday
    • Shard System ( Shards will be added to all monster with 0.01 drops) 20 Shard = 1 OCA. May update in the future - Will be implemented this Friday
    • Monthly Embla Box - Will be implemented this Friday.
    • Auto Attack with limited time of 4 hours and additional 3 Ymir every hour - In Progress
    • Web Base World Map - In progress
    • World Boss.
    • More to come.
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