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    Changelogs 04-16-22

    Vy Low

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    • Added Free Costume NPC to the 1st 1,000 Accounts who have at least 3 1st Job Characters! This NPC is will only available for 30 Days.
    • OBB Equipment Box now cost 10 Ymir Coin and will gradually Increase 5 Ymir Coin every 3 months until its set to the limit price of 20 Ymir Coin.
    • Team Fund will be locked for 1 Year. We will announce the lock contract on discord.
    • VIP will be sold for 1,000 Cash Points Via cash shop NPC. Its official price will be updated after 30 days. This will be just the introductory price. More info on how to donate Cash points Here!
    • Change Hunter Bow to Arabalest [1] as Hunter Job Change Free Weapon.
    • Implemented Level RuSSh Event! use @levelrush to check the current rankings. Once you reach level 99 kindly post comment on this thread to qualify.
    • Added two Option for the Job classes Knight, Priest and Assassin to choose their free weapon.
    • Change Acolyte weapon freebies from Rod to Mace.


    OBT will run for 30 days, this mean we can do emergency maintenance as necessary. 


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