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    Server Information

    Changelogs 04-01-22

    Vy Low

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    • We have increase MVP stat points by 10 and atk damage by 1000.( Initial Boost )
    • Separate PK and PVP mapflags.
    • all mvps maps are now set to  PVP mode.
    • Blacksmith now requires 3 Ymir Coins to forge elemental weapons
    • Fixed all warp portals in Prontera related to our new Prontera theme
    • Equipment Box on Ymir Shop now cost 20 Ymir Coins.
    • Refining of equipment's now requires 10 RoK Points.
    • Ymir Token are now non-tradeable.
    • added @mobdrop command


    Expected up coming updates

    • Add Ymir as a requirements to platinum skill quest NPC
    • Add Ymir as a requirements to all Available Quest Items like Sakkat, Angel Helm etc
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