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    Changelogs 03-28-22

    Vy Low

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    • Remove non-existing maps in episode 3. Geffen Field 12, 13 and 14.
    • Orc Hero now spawn in Orc Village
    • Added @mobdrop command
    • Added @dailymission command
    • Daily Hunting Mission can only be completed and abandon by character who started the quest.
    • You can now send and withdraw all the tokens in your scholars accounts through Cynthia. In official OBT withdrawal of Coins will have a 15 days cool down. This includes when a manager withdraws token from his scholars as well as when the manager account withdraws and claim all of his tokens. The cool down will be per account. For example when a manager withdraw token from scholar 1. There will be a 15 days cool down before he can withdraw again on that account. Same goes when a manager withdraw all his token going to Metamask. 
    • Ymir Token are now account bound.
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