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    Just comment your entry with the following format

    Wallet Address: 0x8cDC899BF899668b2445056e0C1602332AA615da
    Qualification: Investors / Streamers / Airdrops

    In Game Name: Vy Low
    For Streamers - Must at least 5 days Stream links

    • Stream Link 1
    • Stream Link 2
    • and so on

    Screen Shot: Include your current level and total hunting missions completed

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    Wallet Address: 0xC7c00A2A9413941b01828663a0016a25C488196E
    Qualification: Investor / Streamer / Airdrops
    In Game Names: Jey M TV



    Stream Links

    Stream 1(March 13, 22) - https://www.facebook.com/104701542167999/videos/705723223939528

    Stream 2(March 12, 22) - https://www.facebook.com/104701542167999/videos/477749097355671

    Stream 3(March 11, 22) - https://www.facebook.com/104701542167999/videos/314590817322991

    Stream 4(March 6, 22) - https://www.facebook.com/104701542167999/videos/530498208404407

    Stream 5(March 5, 22) - https://www.facebook.com/104701542167999/videos/1420188398399708


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    Wallet Address: 0xD1F948d7b23d1Cc61AeE74320E6F440c69f5df20

    Qualification: Streamer

    Stream Link 1: https://fb.gg/v/bXrIsMwr6e/

    Stream Link 2: https://fb.gg/v/bXrLkL0DAY/

    Stream Link 3: https://fb.gg/v/bXrMC5-QQM/

    Stream Link 4: https://fb.gg/v/bXrOQqcimZ/

    Stream Link 5:  https://fb.gg/v/bXrPuzLn7d/

    In Game Name: PHMachoo


    P.S: Was not able to stream that often due to laptop breaking down (posted in my Page as well)


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    Wallet Address


    Qualification : Streamer/Scholar

    In Game Name : starscream


    Stream Link 1:


    Stream Link 2:


    Stream Link 3:


    Stream Link 4:


    Stream Link 5:


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